Step 1 – State Required

4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course (ADAPT)
Alcohol • Drugs • Accident • Prevention • Training
(also known as Traffic Law and Substance Awareness Course – TLSAE)

This course must be taken (regardless of age) by anyone wanting a Learner’s license in Florida.

You will also select this course if you need the Drug and Alcohol course. This course is required before getting your Restricted Drivers License in Florida.

Step 2 – Optional

Learner’s Permit Prep course
Don’t take a chance on standing in line at the DMV Office only to go home empty-handed. Take the DMV Exam Prep Course and become a Safe Driving Teen!

The Learner’s Permit Prep course can be taken by any one preparing for the DHSMV Learner’s Permit Exam. The course can be taken separately without the purchase of any additional courses and it is optional.

Step 3 – State Required

DHSMV Learner’s Permit Exam
Once you have completed your 4-hr Drug and Alcohol Course your next step is to take the DHSMV Learner’s Permit Exam. This exam covers State of Florida road signs and road rules.

The Learner’s Permit Exam can be taken at a DHSMV or Tax Collectors Office. The Learner’s Permit Test is offered on line to those under 18 years only.

Download the Florida Drivers Handbook HERE
One piece of official identification (a student I.D. is OK).